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LindedIn Data Extractor|Get Noticed and Hired as a Professional

Friday, October 21, 2016

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, which assists people to get new clients and new career chances. You must want to have a quick glance at these information on LinkedIn and analyze those information you want. That’s why LinkedIn data extractor comes in, with which you could easily extract the selected information into much more structured formats, which allow you to better analyze the information in different aspects.


Features of LinkedIn Data Extractor

Though there are different kinds of LinkedIn data extractors available now, they often have the similar features.

  • LinkedIn data extractors are often easy to use, and can save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Most of LinkedIn data extractors enable you to extract data fields like profile or company name, address, contact information, industry category, work experience, education, skill and so on.
  • LinkedIn data extractors allow you to export the data into various structured forms like Excel, CSV, MySQL, HTML and so on.
  • LinkedIn data extractors enable you to avoid IP blocks with multiple proxy feature.



Get Noticed and Hired as a Professional

The simplest way to get noticed in LinkedIn is to perfect your profile. You may have a lot of experience or skills that you don’t know how to properly present (e.g. what is the most attractive skill, what is the best description), the best way is to see how others show it and learn from it. That’s one point to analyze the selected data.

Another way is that you may have some target companies, and you don’t know how to attract their notice. You could extract the post or the employees of the companies from LinkedIn and gain insights into what they are really interested in. And then you could have your own strategies for it. You could contact the employers directly or attract them by engaging in the projects that interest them, or just set it as a goal to improve yourself. What it matters is to make full use of your collected data.

You should know that a strong profile should illustrate your hands-on experience with relative aspects, knowledge of relative techniques, skills like data analysis, problem solving and communication. Try to perfect you profile in the most suitable way and make you get noticed and hired as a professional.


In short, you may feel confident about embarking full steam ahead on a particular career, but the problem is , how do you get noticed and actually hired by recruiters or hiring managers? Just use the LinkedIn data extractors to help you.



Author: The Octoparse Team




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