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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

As the philosophies of artificial intelligence and big data spread, you may look for the right tool to help get the list of links when you need to extract data from each link, instead of copying and pasting these links from websites manually. Choosing the right tool for business development and growth is very critical. 

By extracting all the hyperlink addresses on the webpage, you can dive into each hyperlink to collect more web elements such as images, text, or links inside the hyperlink for your further analysis. Indeed, it’s very convenient to add extensions, which can help you extract all the links on a web page and export them to a file, to your browser. But what if you want to make the extraction process more efficient? What if you want to extract data from these links after you get the list of links? What if you need to get links from dynamic websites? There is no doubt that you need a more intelligent data extractor.



There are a wide range of applications and software to meet your various needs. Here, we'd recommend you to try out Octoparse. Octoparse is such a powerful yet free web data extraction tool that you can not miss it. Octoparse allows you to extract inner/outer HTML and links from different scopes of tags, and update these links by using our cloud service. You can export all the data to any file formats, even import them into your database or API.



We hope you can find the right extraction tool to save you precise time and energy and focus more on the growth of your business.






Author: The Octoparse Team




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