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Octoparse 2020 Semi-Annual Sale Extension Statement

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Dear All,


2020 is a turning point for all of us, a year of pain and challenges. With unprecedented turmoil sweeping across the globe, many businesses are facing a challenge on financial sustainability. As we come together, we believe that we can and will deliver a better platform and customer services to help companies cope with the impacts of business interruptions. 


We’ve implemented a series of actions in order to provide you with the data you need and help mitigate some of the short-term financial risks


  • We upgraded to a brand new version of Octoparse 8 with an intelligent auto-detection feature, saving you time from setting things up. 
  • We developed the Mac version for Mac users, saving you efforts from switching operating systems.
  • We introduced a mid-year sale promotion, saving you money from investing a reliable scraping tool.



During the past few days, the sale event was very successful and we received much feedback from our customers in the hope to extend the sale event, as their procurement process slows down and they couldn’t get back from colleagues in time when working remotely. 


To support more companies, businesses, institutions to resurrect quickly from hardship and contribute to the greater society, we decided to extend our mid-year sale until the end of this month. With that said, you will still get 20% or more off through June 30th whether you’re looking for a new subscription, renewal, or upgrade. 


To ensure you have access to high-quality data for complex projects, our customer support team always stands by you, as usual, and helps you capture web data so as to elevate your business. If you have further questions please reach out to our support team at support@octoparse.com. Hang in there we are here together!



Octoparse Team

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