How to apply for discount?

The updated version of this tutorial (based on the latest webpage) is available now. Go to have a check here! 

We offer discounts for those who have an educational background, who write us a customer review or those who work for non-profit institutions. If you’d like to apply for discounts, please submit a request here with the following required information for our evaluation.



Educational discount is mainly for students, teachers or researchers who use Octoparse for academic purposes.

We need you to provide:

          · the name of your school

          · your Identity Certificate(Student ID card, or student email address)

          · purpose of data scraping


2.Customer Review

We offer discounts for you if you get us exposed somewhere.

We need you to provide:

           · the link and screenshot of your review

           · purpose of data scraping


3.Non-Profits Institutions

This is for users from charities or any non-profits institutions.

We need you to provide:

           · Certificate of your institution(official website)

           · purpose of data scraping




Author: Momo




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