Why does Octoparse crash itself or freeze?

The updated version of this tutorial (based on the latest webpage) is available now. Go to have a check here! 


Sometimes Octoparse might crash itself or freeze, it may be due to the following reasons:


1. Your anti-virus software is blocking Octoparse

Resolution: Add Octoparse as an exception in your antivirus software and reinstall Octoparse.


2. The VPN or proxy is on when launching Octoparse

Resolution: Turn off your VPN, proxy.


3. Your PC system doesn't meet the installation requirements

Resolution: Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Click here for more details.


4. Your Octoparse needs an update

Resolution: Try our newest version. Click here to download


5. When running a task locally, the website loads additional content by clicking on the "Load more" button or scrolling infinitely.

Resolution: Set up to end the loop after certain times to stop loading more items.


6. Directly pasted over 10000 URLs.

Resolution: Input the URLs from a file instead.


7. Some websites take much memory or intentionally use this way to crash the scraping program.

 Resolution: Try our cloud extraction. You can apply for trial here






Author: Momo



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