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Why Octoparse stops and no data is extracted?

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

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When the local extraction completes but no data is extracted, it may be due to the following reasons:


1) The webpage provided does not load completely or takes too long to open and even timeouts.

Resolution:  1) Check out your internet connection and make sure the webpage can be open in a normal browser.

                    2) Increase the timeout for “Go To Webpage” step to ensure the webpage loads completely before it

                        moves on to the next step.

2) The information to scrape does not load as soon as the page loads.

Resolution: Set up some wait time to the action following "Go To Web Page"


3) Not setting up AJAX for the loop clicks or pagination clicks (Some websites may use AJAX technique for updating new contents.)

Resolution: 1) Try setting up "AJAX load" for "Click Item" of the loop data item and pagination loop.

                       See more about AJAX setting:

                           · Deal with AJAX

                           · Why does Octoparse stop after clicking “Next”?


4) Elements for the “Loop Items” are not selected properly.

Resolution: 1) Go back to the workflow, click the steps from the top down, and ensure the elements for the

                       “Loop Item” is selected properly. If not you would need to rebuild the workflow and make sure

                        everything is done correctly.

            2) If thing still doesn’t work out, you may need to modify the XPath for the “Loop Item”. 

                See more about locating elements with XPath.


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